High Performance Building

High performance homes utilize the best building practices to provide substantial savings in utility and maintenance costs. They are more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. The efficiency built into our homes begins with the design and continues through each step of construction. Major features include: Effective Insulation, High-Performance Windows, Tight Construction & Ducts, and Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment.


Energy Efficiency

We build a better building envelope and incorporate more energy efficient mechanical systems, appliances, and lighting into a home. The result is utility bill savings and increased comfort for the homeowner.


Water Conservation

Water Conservation saves water both indoors and outdoors. We use products such as low-flow showerheads, dual flush toilets, water saving appliances and West Texas SmartScape landscaping.


Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality is enhanced due to proper air flow, effective filtering, and reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Management of moisture, ventilation, and other issues create’s a more comfortable living environment.


Use of Materials

We carefully select our homes materials for durability, environmental impact and reusability.

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